Human Health and Wellness includes the active component of our lifestyle and focuses on health, safety, and mitigating negative trends such as obesity and over-sitting. Actions in this section are focused on ways to encourage healthier lifestyles through better nutrition, activity, and interactions.

Relationship to Existing Plans/Initiatives:

Health and wellness are more of foundational principles than specific focus areas for most plans. However, there is mention in Vision 2020 of active, healthy lifestyles and actions that support that concepts are embraced widely, and in particular by the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Board.

Aspirational Goals:

  • Provide access to healthy living services for all residents in need.
  • In-town transport will be predominantly person-powered
  • Continue to develop the community center as a focal point for wellness
  • Eliminate exposure to environmental toxicity
  • Provide ample opportunities for responsible recreation

Action Items:

H. Emergency / Health Care Industry - #NedZero #UrgiHealth

L. Live Well Colorado- #NedZero #LiveWellCO @LiveWellCO

M. Walkable Scale Mobility - #NedZero #Walkable

R. Local Resources - #NedZero #LocalResources

U. Enhance Human Services - #NedZero #HumanServices