Community Water is the sum of all water and wastewater systems that affect the community. This includes the natural systems that provide raw water, the treatment and collection systems, and the wastewater treatment systems. Actions in this section generally address conservation, maintenance, efficiency, and safety for all beings that use water.

Relationship to Existing Plans/Initiatives: This section is most strongly linked to the Master Infrastructure Plan, with specific recommendations that have been provided from that document. The idea of clean water used efficiently is also ensconced in Vision 2020 and called out in the Comprehensive Plan.

Aspirational Goals:

  • Realize a scenario where the annual water consumed by the community is less than the amount of water that is naturally available.
  • Provide a system for water transit with no major leaks and where any leaks can be identified and fixed quickly.
  • Treat water using as low-energy and natural systems as possible.

Action Items:

I. Master Infrastructure Plan - #NedZero #Infrastructure

P. Source Water Protection - #NedZero #SourceWater

V. Water Conservation - #NedZero #WaterConservation

W. Storm Water System - #NedZero #RainWater

Y. Septic System Inventory - #NedZero #Septic