New and Improved NedZero Platform Explained

New Layout

The new NedZero layout and workflow takes all of the ~160 items that have been identified by the various town planning efforts and breaks them down into lists. The lists have been simplified for greater usability and intuitive understanding for new visitors and user to the site. There are now only 7 lists, each representing a different status that a particular goal or objective ("160 things") is in. The range from less-than-clearly-defined wishful thinking at one end of the spectrum to DONE! on the other end of the spectrum. Goals progress from left to right as they move toward completion. 

What this means is that at any given time a champion, motivated volunteer, concerned citizen, or outsider interested in getting to know us better can look at our active NedZero board to see how well we're doing toward our stated goals. They can also see what our priorities are as they've defined through our planning efforts over the years.

Not only that, but anyone can easily request to join the board and take an active roll in maintaining one or more of the cards in our NedZero platform. Short of that, a person can simply chime in and make constructive comments that will hopefully be useful to the champion on a particular card/goal-item. 

An Explanation of the Lists

The lists and their intended meanings progress from WISH-LIST to COMPLETE as follows:

  1. Needs further definition: what defines success/completion? - this list is for all the items that remain unclear as to how we are actually supposed to measure success on the item. They need more discussion, clarity, or definition before we can successfully begin working toward their accomplishment.
  2. NedZero Backlog - this list is for all those things that are sufficiently defined and are in the queue for completion but they have not been moved to a top priority by any board or person (champion). This list is for all those things that we all agree would be nice to have but haven't figured out quite how to make it happen yet.
  3. Items w/ an Active Champion - this list is for those items that have an active champion associated with them. This means a person, committee, town staff, or advisory board has picked up the ball and is attempting to run with it and push this item forward.
  4. Nederland Planning Process (NPP) - this list is for those items that have definition, have a champion, and have even developed into the town priorities and process to the enter into the Nederland Planning Process (NPP). This is where our wishes start to gain some real traction and start to grow into little saplings.
  5. Budget Allocated - this list is for items that most likely have progressed through the first 4 lists and now have some degree of budget allocated to them, either through grants or town budget or some other source of financial resources available.
  6. Ongoing Management - this list is for all those items that have an established organization dedicated to ensuring its execution and implementation. This is the most mature level a card/goal can achieve before being considered complete.

Complete Instructions

If you've gone to the new and improved NedZero platform and are still having trouble understanding how it all works, please check out this instruction manual which breaks down the full concept and functionality through illustrations and text. If you're still wanting to know more or discuss anything related to NedZero, please call the Nederland Town Hall at 303-258-3266.