Ecosystem relationship refers to the interconnected experiences shared with the natural ecosystem in and around Nederland. It includes stewardship in the form of education, preservation, restoration, and remediation as well as more participatory aspects such as recreating, harvesting, and listening.

The relationships to the ecosystem are complex, evolving, personal, and communal. Determining what these look like will help the community thrive as well as understand what natural limits will need to be respected in order to do so over the long haul. Actions in this section focus on information gathering, education, and actions that directly impact our relationships to the natural ecosystems.

Relationship to Existing Plans/Initiatives:

The educational aspects and actions that focus on redefining a more balanced relationship with nature are directly in line with multiple portions of Vision 2020, especially the parts relating to conservation, environmental stewardship, and a thoughtful relationship between recreation and the environment. Many actions are directly from the Comprehensive Plan, and the community education aspects build on initiatives emanating from the Sustainability Advisory Board.

Aspirational Goals:

Identify and implement actions to allow Nederland’s residents and visitors to live within the identified carrying capacity of the ecosystem and then move into a regenerative relationship.

Action Items:

F. Firewise Communities - #NedZero #Firewise @Firewise

G. GIS Database & Land Use Data - #NedZero #GIS

K. Parks Management Plan - NedZero #Parks

Q. Downtown Culture - #NedZero #DowntownCulture

R. Local Resources - #NedZero #LocalResources

S. STAR Rating System - #NedZero #STARCommRating @STARCommRating

T. Eco-System Restoration - #NedZero #EcoRestore