The flow of capital and employment into the community. This refers to the way that businesses interact, the balance of tourism and localism, and what opportunities may exist for people to find fulfilling employment.

Actions in this section include ways to support local businesses, determining what makes a complete community from an economic perspective, and ways to increase alternative means of commerce such as the sharing economy.

Relationship to Existing Plans/Initiatives:

The economy is addressed significantly in Envision 2020, with a focus on local businesses and a complete community. These efforts also align with the efforts of the Mayor’s Economic Development Task Force and the focus of the Nederland Downtown Development Authority as well as aligning with the Comprehensive Plan.

Aspirational Goals:

  • Move to an economic paradigm that supports collaboration, local labor, and the ability to reach economic satisfaction within the community.
  • Move toward a localized economy.

Action Items:

D. Community Dialog - #NedZero #CommunityDialog

Q. Downtown Culture - #NedZero #DowntownCulture

R. Local Resources - #NedZero #LocalResources

X. Resilient Economy - #NedZero #ResilientEconomy