Community fabric consists of the diverse strands that make up the Nederland Community and refers to the ongoing maintenance and attention to each strand so that the whole remains durable, respectful, and effective. The actions in this section include community assessments, wisdom and elders, governance, information dissemination, sharing efforts, and inclusivity. It also includes the physical connections overseen by the Parks Recreation and Open Space Advisory Board as they relate to physical connections and community interactions.

Relationship to Existing Plans/Initiatives:

This section relates to the bulk of items in Vision 2020 that include a rich community with a highly functioning governance model, diversity, support for community members, as well as the physical connections to the outdoor environment. The idea of an inclusive effort to determine the appropriate path forward is at the heart of this document as well as included within most of the plans that have been written for the Town.

Aspirational Goals:

  • Allow each member of the community to be able to get the information they need, share their opinions in a respectful forum, and have a say in the overall direction of the community. Have an annual community sustainability forum where members of the public and Town governance follow an inclusive process to evaluate the preceding year’s efforts and establish the actions for the following year.
  • Continually improve the quality of services provided to the community in terms of education, support and culture

Action Items:

A. Housing Needs - #NedZero #HousingNeeds

D. Community Dialog - #NedZero #CommunityDialog

G. GIS Database & Land Use Data - #NedZero #GIS

H. Emergency / Health Care Industry - #NedZero #UrgiHealth

J. Sustainable Logistics - #NedZero #Logistics

K. Parks Management - #NedZero #Parks

M. Walkable Scale Mobility - #NedZero #Walkable

O. Open Space Management - #NedZero #OpenSpace

R. Local Resources - #NedZero #LocalResources

U. Enhance Human Services - #NedZero #HumanServices