As a related pair, the energy consumed in Town directly relates to the emissions that affect the climate. This includes transportation impacts, energy supply questions, and energy delivery. As a comprehensive issue, many climate issues are addressed directly in the Built Environment section as well as other sections to some degree or another. The Climate and Energy section include actions aimed at resiliency and climate change preparedness, modifying emission intensive behaviors, and seeking to become as energy efficient as possible.

Relationship to Existing Plans/Initiatives:

The actions in this section relate to Vision 2020 goals of fuel-switching and non-motorized travel, and are supported by the Comprehensive Plan as well as a number of initiatives from various boards and the Nederland Downtown Development Authority.

Aspirational Goals:

  • Move Nederland to a no-carbon electricity supply model.
  • Provide practical opportunities for all community members to choose low or no carbon transportation options emanating from Town.
  • Move Nederland to a low or no net carbon heating supply model.
  • Provide real-time information on community wide carbon emissions and actions for community members to take in order to lower them.
  • Achieve carbon neutrality for all Nederland operations

Action Items:

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